Meet Nathan

Motivational Speaker Nathan Harmon

Nathan is a man who is beyond passionate about what he does. Shortly after you meet Nathan, you begin to understand that he truly believes that every person he interacts with can be impacted and that every person can have a life that screams leadership, value, and belief. Nathan believes that people don't have to settle for anything short of excellence, no matter the situation.

Every person can rise above and overcome their obstacles. You may never meet another speaker who is more energetic and engaging.

Nathan wasn't always so energetic and positive. In Nathan's youth he found him self battling eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, divorced parents, self harm and drug addictions, Nathan eventually made a decision that forever changed his entire life.

On July 17th, 2009, Nathan was drinking and driving and his world turned upside down. While in the vehicle with Priscilla Owens his passenger, Nathan lost control and hit a tree. Priscilla lost her life the next morning. Nathan was sent to jail afterwards and was incarcerated for three years and nine months.

The Owens family forgave Nathan and now with their full support, Nathan has dedicated his life to scream and shout from every mountain top that "Your Life Speaks!" Your life is important. Your life and voice have the ability to overcome every obstacle and every situation. Nathan now travels United States from coast to coast and internationally speaking to nearly 1,000,000 people and assisting them with the tools they need to navigate this difficult world of life. Nathan has been completely drug free and sober now for 10 years.

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