Virtual Series

Powerful Virtual Talks, Training, & Video Series

Due to Covid-19 many middle & high schools, universities, and conferences will be different.

We are here to help. 

Nathan has created a 6 Video Series (3 Hours of Content) talking about many of the challenges we will face this year. This series can be used throughout your entire school year to help your students grow, understand, and adapt.  Below is a sample video with parts from all 6 of the videos. 

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“The video series provided by Nathan Harmon was transparent, thought provoking, and applicable for teachers, students, and parents.  This series will continue to be an accessible exemplary set of tools for mental wellness, motivation, and student leadership.” California HOSA, Inc.Headquarters

Virtual Videos

  1. Nathan's Story
  2. Attitude & Character are Everything
  3. Overcoming Adversity and Facing Fears
  4. Wearing the Mask (Mental Health)
  5. Leadership, Social & Emotional Health
  6. The Human Connection