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Meet nathan harmon

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Nathan is a man who is beyond passionate about what he does. Shortly after you meet Nathan, you begin to understand that he truly believes that every person he interacts with can be impacted and that every person can have a life that screams leadership, value, and belief. Nathan believes that people don't have to settle for anything short of excellence, no matter the situation. 

Nathan's words are power packed with the message that every person can rise above and overcome their obstacles. You may never meet another speaker who is more energetic and engaging. 

Nathan wasn't always so energetic and positive. Battling eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, divorced parents, and drug addictions, Nathan eventually made a decision that forever changed his entire life.

Powerful Testimonies from Admin.

Kindra Hovis
Principal, Shoals High School

I have sat through numerous school convocations regarding drugs/alcohol, bullying, peer pressure, etc. and never have I seen ONE speaker have an entire student body’s attention the way Nathan did. Nathan was able to reach students who we have tried to reach in months, even years. Students came forward wanting to open up about their issues and get help. Following Nathan’s presentation, we saw a change in student behavior. For example..

Steve Thalheimer

Never have we had a presenter where every student was more engaged and attentive to what was being said. The 6th through 9th graders took part in a give-and-take with him because of the interactive format for that age group. Administrators reported that the more serious and mature tone with the older students grabbed their attention and was impactful.

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