Meet Nathan Harmon

A Leading Communicator on Mental Health, Substance Abuse

  • Nathan's Message is Powerful and Clear - "Your Life Speaks"
  • 14 years Drug & Alcohol Free
  • He Is Receiving Rave Reviews From All
  • Powerfully Addresses: Navigating Adversity, Addiction, Mental Health, Overcoming Adversity, The Power of Choice, Leadership, Character Development, Bullying any many topics that all people face.
  • He shares directly from his own personal experiences in a profound way that truly reaches people of all ages.
  • Over 1400 keynotes delivered


Previous Clients

  • National Honor Society
  • FFA
  • Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
  • JAG Indiana
  • National Honor Society
  • FFA
  • Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
  • JAG Indiana
  • D.A.R.E
  • SADD
  • Junior Achievement
  • I found Nathan when I was searching for a speaker to come into our district to speak to kiddos who are facing so many trials in life. If you have ever used Google, you know that there are many results after you hit enter. Something drew me to Nathan. So I began to watch some short videos on the ...

  • Grabbed their attention and was impactful.

    Never have we had a presenter where every student was more engaged and attentive to what was being said. The 6th through 9th graders took part in a give-and-take with him because of the interactive format for that age group. Administrators reported that the more ...

  • Give Nathan our deepest thanks for Friday. The day could not have been better. At the end of the day we asked students to rate the program - Nathan rec'd rating of 9.58 from his audience!!!! He spoke to their heart and I feel humbled to witness that connection. Kids were filling up their program booklets with ...

  • I have sat through numerous school convocations regarding drugs/alcohol, bullying, peer pressure, etc. and never have I seen ONE speaker have an entire student body’s attention the way Nathan did. Nathan was able to reach students who we have tried to reach in months, even years. Students came forward wanting to open up about their issues and ...

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Nathan with a college student

Students and Parents You Can Make This Happen

Last year we had at least a dozen students and parents bring Nathan to their schools and communities. One of our team members mentored each student or parent to use their leadership skills and compassion for their school and community.

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Virtual Video Series

Nathan has created a 6 Video Series (3 Hours of Content) talking about many of the challenges we will face this year. This series can be used throughout your entire school year to help your students grow, understand, and adapt.  Below is a sample video with parts from all 6 of the videos.

  1. Nathan's Story
  2. Attitude & Character are Everything
  3. Overcoming Adversity and Facing Fears
  4. Wearing the Mask (Mental Health)
  5. Leadership, Social & Emotional Health
  6. The Human Connection

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A Global Documentary on Mental Health

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