Middle & High School

Now Offering Virtual Assemblies

Nathan's Message: “Your Life is Speaking”

Nathan has learned that talk is always cheap when compared to someone taking action and letting their life choices do the speaking! Nathan speaks to high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, corporate leadership conferences/workshops.

Assembly topics:

  • Attitude and Character Are Everything
  • The Bully and Insecurity
  • Self Harming
  • Suicide Is Not an Option
  • Overcoming Circumstances
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Mission Minded Over the Moment
  • Vaping & Juuling
  • Outworking Everyone
  • Drugs, Drinking and Driving


We can go beyond just a school wide assembly with your students. You can now also add the brand new I-Legacy. This classroom based, open discussion program was developed by Nathan Harmon. It aims to help dig below the surface of young people's lives and teach them how they can begin to create a lasting Legacy of change. Ask us about how you can bring this to program to your school or add this program to your schedule while Nathan is there.