Free Virtual Community Screening

Connecting the Dots’ mission is to offer a platform to enlighten dialogue and provoke change about youth mental health.

Free Virtual Global Community Screening

Special Documentary Screening followed by a Youth-Led Roundtable

November 19, 2020

3pm-5pm EST

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Connecting the Dots is the first feature documentary of its kind to offer a raw and intimate look at youth mental health from a global perspective. With heart-felt up-close stories of lived experience, the film exclusively showcases young voices breaking barriers surrounding youth mental health. Through highly cinematic and character driven storytelling, Connecting the Dots is emotional, reflective and hopeful. Our future leaders are speaking up. It's time to listen. 

Nathan teamed up with Director Noemi Weis and traveled the world with one mission. The mission was to find answers to the questions "What have we created as a society? What are the innovations that cultures are implementing that are working? How can we truly support people who are struggling so they can find a place of hope? 

“I am proud to be part of Connecting the Dots to help bring the voices of young people to the forefront of the conversation on youth mental health. I whole-heartedly joined Director Noemi Weis on this filmmaking journey as our missions aligned. We traveled the world to better understand this global epidemic, listening to youth, and looking at new ways to inspire conversation, break the stigma and offer hope to this young generation.”  Nathan Harmon

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